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Happy New Years to all, whether you’re burying an old year or ringing in the new, whether with nostalgia, angst, or optimism… Auld lang syne!

The Angriest Dog in the World
I’ve always been a big fan of David Lynch’s films and his television series, Twin Peaks, but what some people don’t know is that he’s also been a pioneer as a comic strip writer. His comic strip titled, The Angriest Dog in the World, is a favorite of mine. Each strip almost always has exactly the same progression of images, and every strip begins with the same caption:

The dog who is so angry he cannot move. He cannot eat. He cannot sleep. He can just barely growl. Bound so tightly with tension and anger, he approaches the state of rigor mortis.

Here are some links to a few favorite examples:

If everything is real…
The psychological origin of the idea of space…
Pete has a “running gag”…
It must be clear even to the non-mathematician…
Some weeks, nothing is funny…
It doesn’t get any better than this…

David Lynch is also my favorite source for getting the weather in the morning.

I thought I should announce here the launching of a blog I’ll be maintaining, titled: Being in the World: An Online Resource for Studying Embodiment and Corporeality, which regards the Philosophy of Embodiment.

Embodiment was a major subject of study for me during my days as a student in Philosophy, and it is the subfield from which I am developing my own philosophical system.

The blog will be updated regularly, and I hope it will be a reliable resource for researchers and laymen within the field. But even if you don’t know much about the field, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting. Don’t worry, it’s not filled with technical writing, and it’s intended to introduce the field to the public too.

So check it out, subscribe to the RSS feed or bookmark it!

Until now I’ve been using this site exclusively as a political blog titled “The Open Society”, as a sound off to my efforts in the ’08 U.S. elections. Over the last couple of months I’ve been mulling over what to do with this blog after the ’08 elections were over, and for those of you following the blog closely, I’m sad to report that this will be the end of “The Open Society”.

In its place, however, I’ll be posting a personal blog about my adventures, reflections on life, and the cornucopia of other things that interest me. Surely, that will still involve some occasional political commentary, but that will no longer be the focus of the blog. For those who wish to reference them, the old political entries will still be posted.

Change is the only constant; I hope you enjoy the changes!

The label of ‘war-mongerer’ appears to be more and more appropriate for John McCain every time he opens his mouth about any international crisis. Of course, everyone remembers his “bomb bomb bomb Iran” sing-a-long. Then McCain let it slip that it’d be ‘fine with him’ (and he hoped it would be fine with you, too) if the U.S. occupied Iraq for 100 years. Now we’re witness to his ‘tough talk’ toward Russia over the Russia/Georgia conflict; talk which seems to imply that John McCain’s only strategy to any international crisis is militaristic.

In a recent segment of Countdown with Keith Olbermann on MSNBC, Olbermann and Air America talker Rachel Maddow break down the blunders of McCain’s impoverished foreign policy– which is basically just to pound the war drums. It’s definitely worth taking a look how they succinctly expose the neo-conservative fairytale here: