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One thing that has always dumbfounded me about most people who consistently vote Republican is how they continue to vote as they do despite the fact that it is so obviously against their own interests. Republicans seem to continuously fool their voter base into fervently believing things which are obviously fraudulent. There are numerous examples of this, of course. There’s the myth of the liberal media (which has hidden the very obvious takeover of the media by the Right, nationalistic and corporate interests…); There’s also, of course, the myth of trickle-down economics (which really just fools voters into shifting the cost of government onto themselves rather than the really wealthy– who just send their jobs overseas anyway). These are some of the more obvious examples of false beliefs which, somehow, consistently rally conservative voters.

These conservative dogmas are often most effective when they demonize Democrats and blame them for the false problem. A prime example is the widely held but fraudulent belief that Democrats spend and increase the national debt, whereas Republicans are more fiscally responsible. In fact, I think this lie has become so ingrained into the American consciousness that most Democrats believe it too. But let’s take a real look at how the national debt has been effected over the last 30 years by Republican and Democratic administrations:

Now, conservatives frequently attempt to hide their lies by claiming that these debt increases occurred due to a Democratic Congress or Senate. But in fact, the Senate was controlled by Republicans during the first 6 years of the Reagan Administration, and in 1981 the Democrats lost 35 seats in the House too (7 worse than in the so-called ‘Gingrich takeover’). You’ll notice that in the final years of the Reagan Administration, when Democrats took back some control, new debt decreased dramatically and leveled off compared to the years when Republicans were in control.

When Clinton took over and had a Democratic Congress, in 1993, new debt decreased rapidly, at a sharper rate than spending rose during the Reagan years. That trend was held in dramatic fashion, when the budget was balanced during the Clinton Administration, but it rose again, out-of-control, as soon as Bush took the helm and we were cursed with a Republican President and a Republican Congress. In fact, never has the neo-conservative agenda had more control of both our Legislative and Executive Branches of government as during the first six years of the Bush Administration, and new debt and spending has absolutely shot through the roof in that time, as demonstrated by the chart.

So I ask you: Why do people continue to vote for conservatives with the belief that conservatives are more fiscally responsible? Why do people continue to believe in such falsehoods? How did they ever come to believe such backwards nonsense to begin with?