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Kind of an exciting time for one of my articles over at Ecoworldly. The article, titled “11 Extinct Animals That Have Been Photographed Alive“, has gone absolutely ballistic. It has somehow attracted well over 230,000 viewers since being posted, so I thought it’d be worth referring from here. Crazy!

If the content sounds depressing to you, wait until you get to many of the comments. You may find some cynical amusement in reading them. The internet is an amazing thing, but it sure can be a compository for idiocy too. Ah well. Check out the article!

The picture above shows the extinct Tasmanian Tiger, one of the 11 featured in the article.

An article I wrote for EcoWorldly was just syndicated by The Guardian. If you check out the front page of their ‘Environment’ section, you can find my article there under ‘Comment & Analysis’. You can link directly to the article here, titled “Japan Airlines trial biofuels on 747 flights“.

You can also check out the original article here, which was titled, “Japan Airlines’ 747 Flies More Efficiently with Biofuels than with Jet-A Fuel“.

And make sure to keep up with all of my articles over at EcoWorldly and around the Green Options Media network.

I just began a new job doing green journalism writing for Green Options Media, a network of environmental blogs aimed at giving green news and sustainable choices to the inner tree hugger in all of us.

I’m beginning as a writer on one of their blogs, EcoWorldly, which is part of the Guardian Environment Network, and which offers news on sustainability and ecological successes and failures from around the world, to offer advice to those with a green and innovative conscience here in America.

My first blog was just posted, and it would help out a lot if you clicked on this link and checked it out (the more hits I get, the more success I’ll have blogging there): Caterpillars Devour 45 Towns in Liberia: Climate Change Possibly to Blame.

Also, bookmark the site or subscribe to their feeds, and help me out with further posts too. I’ll be posting there pretty regularly.